Life On YOUR own TERMS



Sunniva Holt is a Transformation & Wealth Alignment Coach, best selling author and speaker. She always had a determination to go for and achieve her "soul goals" ever since she was a child. Through this determination and strong mindset she now helps others to do the same by creating a life by design on their own terms.

  • Growing up remotely in New Zealand and her family becoming part of a religious cult (1.25)
  • Fighting for her freedom (2.40)
  • Buying her first property at 19 years old (3.44)
  • Connection to self (6.56)
  • The keys to breaking through limiting mindset (8.08)
  • Soul goals vs ego goals (8.30)
  • Circulating energy in your life to allow recieving (11.01)
  • Having  no expectations (12.27)
  • Loving the unknown and facing off with fear (13.08)
  • Working with people who are committed (16.18)
  • Rituals and slowing down to create more abundance and impact (19.16)
  • How we show up in life, life shows that back to you (22.10)
  • Money Mindset - changing conversations around money (23.10)
  • Intentional about spending (27.43)
  • Treating money like a relationship (29.55)
  • 2.0 version of yourself and creating success and a life on your own terms (32.55)
  • Words if wisdom (36.56)


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